Hi, I am Daniel. I am working as a freelance consultant helping companies to integrate and understand their data to build great products.

Some of my clients are E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH, Fielmann AG, Hochschule Macromedia, Miles Mobility GmbH, ORBIT Ventures GmbH, Proshare (Volkswagen Gebrauchtfahrzeughandels und Service GmbH), TOM TAILOR GmbH and Apps with Love.

Before starting my work as freelance consultant, I was the Head of Business Intelligence at Minodes – A Telefónica NEXT Company, a Berlin based startup focused on retail analytics. Minodes provided consumer insights by integrating a comprehensive set of technologies and tools, including state-of-the-art Wifi, beacon, and camera technology. My team and I helped clients understand their data and take action based on it. Before joining MiNODES, I worked as Head of Business Intelligence at  Fielmann Ventures where I was in charge of data related topics for the products and businesses developed. Before that I worked at the Swiss Federal Department of Justice and Police and at the University of Bern in Switzerland.

You can contact me through daniel@vizthatdata.com.